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As you probably figured out by now a big group Waxhole is based out of Austin, Texas. Today’s Weekly Wax »

K Theory, the duo, now trio, that has been featured on Waxhole for many years now (1st post?), has taken »

This set, from Dallas DJ Trespass (Soundcloud, Facebook), recorded at the stage at this past Burning Man at The Dusty »

Substrate, the lad from the north of Wales who is one of those guys who is just oozing great Drum »

Galvanix, our man of many talents, the hustler of many hustles, the dabber of all dabbers, and the all around »

Tipping Hand the label run by old friend Drake, aka YoutubeDJ, has been putting out some dope tunes from »

ANDREA has been a staple on the blog for years now.  Ever since we featured his dope track “I Want »

Weaver Beats, a dude out of Hawaii (not many of those in the industry these days), drops in un-introduced and »

Complexion is a guy I met via a great radio show out of London (the west side if you’re being »

Kolossus Records is a great label and collective headed by the man XED.  XED isn’t just a label head and »

True Key, one of our artists who has released an official EP through us, is prone to fits of Jersey »

Our latest Weekly Wax comes from a guy who we have never featured before on the blog, but one we’ve »

CAIN has been a firm favorite of mine for awhile (See? and See?) and every time he drops something new »