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It’s almost like this song is at every corner and turn but we really can’t get enough of the amazing »

Ok I know that I say that Sevim’s version of The Chainsmokers was all you needed… Consider this an addendum. »

Sun City Music Festival 2016 Ticket Giveaway! Sun City Music Festival is only about a week away. Set in sunny »

Gill Chang is moving to one of my favorites this year. I have a preference for darker tunes. Yet, Gill »

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Stay In Your Feels With Joe Mason

We’re back again with “Inside Out” from The Chainsmokers featuring Charlee. I know you’re thinking ‘More Chainsmokers remixes. Really…?’ Yeah. »

Spirix and Not Your Dope teamed up for a fun summer trap remix of The Chainsmokers, “Inside Out”. I found »

Illenium is on a huge roll right now. Flying high off of his hugely successful debut album Ashes he is »

This is been happening more lately. I hit play on a song expecting one thing and get surprised by something »

We have not one but two new remixes of The Chainsmokers track “Let You Go”. First up is the always »

Thero takes us on scenic journey with this slow burning remix of The Chainsmokers, “Let You Go”. This is a »