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If you have followed the blog you will have seen the two gentlemen involved in this exclusive. And if not, »

Life’s gotten crazy over here for me lately and it’s really wreaked havoc upon my listening schedule.  For instance I »

Resonata, the producer who was first brought to our attention by the dope Tanko has released his first EP, entitled »

Loving the fact that the homies are steady droppin’ the jams. Bedrockk, Resonata & Tanko, and Eagles For Hands, has »

When Tanko came to us from the depths of our Submission Inbox, it was one of those exciting things to »

-Tanko- pushed out a nice EP today and being a new artist on our radar I wasn’t sure if this »

The blessing and curse of inbox submissions. On one hand you get either mass email blasts from artists who take »