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On of the most interesting artists to rise up this year is Gallant, and now we’re getting some official takes »

This Friday just snuck up on me. As the last few minutes of Thursday count down I am racing to »

Fourplay Friday Volume 28 is here and this is one Friday that snuck up on me. All of Thursday I »

Ta-ku meets Chet Faker. This isn’t something entirely new or unexpected. They’re countrymen, they’re each other’s fans, and if you »

Sometimes your Soundcloud feed can be a jumbled mass of WIP’s, clips, and misses.  When Soundcloud is used by artists »

HOWLS…Ta-ku + Kit Pop have joined forces to make awesome music bombs.  This tune here, though, brings in the man, »

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Soulection Says Thank You

Soulection, the label and the lifestyle has had a huge 2013.  They’ve grown their outfit two times over this year, »

Amplicity, a name you might remember from past posts has come through with July’s Mix, using tunes from June as »

Ta-ku is cornering the market on taking on iconic, hugely popular and just flat out wonderful artists to work with, »