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This is the new weekly Friday playlist called “Editor’s Desk”. Despite our no submissions policy there are songs that cross »

With a slew of Popeska remix hitting the decks, Bandes manages to stand out with stellar redo on Take You »

What a triumphant return. If you have been under a rock then let me tell you Popeska is back and »

Popeska’s return to music has been a awesome one. One that I really welcome whole heartedly and my ears have »

Listen up here folks. This is the sound, the sound of someone who believes in himself, believes in music in »

I wrote up Popeska’s return to the spotlight a couple weeks ago with “Doing Me Wrong”, a heartfelt and lush »

So stoked to say that after a 2 year hiatus, Popeska is BACK! And what a way to be back. »