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This is the new weekly Friday playlist called “Editor’s Desk”. Despite our no submissions policy there are songs that cross »

If you’re not familiar with Lil Texas, consider this your formal introduction to the fervent Dallas-bred dance producer who’s fusing old »

DROLOE Has been on a roll lately and his latest remix has been heralded by the likes of Nest HQ »

Buckle up for blast off because we have a team up of WRLD and Father Dude. Recently released on Nest »

Teaming Crywolf’s sultry vocals and brooding style with Illenium’s energetic and massively melodic production, the Shrike [So Wrong VIP] delivers the »

This weekend we brought you the Cignature remix of Ember Island’s cover of “Where Are U Now”. Today I bring »

Talk about your fan fare, JumoDaddy is rolling out his new track on Play Me Records and Nest HQ popped »