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We talk artists a lot here at Waxhole as we should because where there is great talent there should be »

We loved the leading single “The 90’s” that Aero Chord droped and now the full Love & Hate EP has »

Monstercat has been on a roll bringing in new names to their releases. One of those is a fimilar name »

I’ve been following Aero Chord for the past two years ever since he introduced me to Hybrid Trap and the »

We where fans when we first found Soupandreas and shortly after he dropped his first EP on one of our »

Koven is busing out their Monstercat debut a new single called “Silence”. Heavy bass, and a driving beat dominate this »

Big things keep coming out of Monstercat. Not only do they constantly keep good music coming they are constantly introducing »

It’s been a minute since we’ve posted anything from Conro, but every time we do it’s damn well worth the »

So was digging around the Monstercat soundcloud, ’cause duh all the good tunes are over there, and found this new »

Candyland and Shoffy are making their debut on Monstercat with a hit called “Faces”. This fantastic track will take you »

Monstercat‘s impressive roster of releases surprises again with a new tune from Anna Yvette and Laura Brehm. Both impressive vocalists, »

Puppet and Foria make a statement with their latest release on the massive online label Monstercat. I had never heard »

Let me introduce you to Anevo, an electronic music producer hailing from Sweden pushing the limits of EDM. Getting the »

If the 80’s had a baby with the love child between Sly & The Family Stone and some French inspired »

Starting off a bit on the pop ballad side in their sophomore release on Monstercat, Loosid really sealed the deal »

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New Song From Autolaser Has Us At Its Will

Autolaser is back with a new super chill jam featuring Larcy that I can’t not write about. With gently empowering »