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What is music without beauty, or beauty without music?  There are those who find beauty in throbbing bass and metallic »

FLXXDS (Floods) was born during a sleepover/pillow fight. (says the rumor mill) I am glad it happened! Follow them on »

Life gets busy for everyone. As John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” »

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We Love It When Bronze Whale Says It

Bronze Whale has a new one out and while that is exciting news, there is an even better sub-thread to »

Adventure Club, folks.  There’s a reason they’re flyin high and carrying the banner for this melodic dubstep movement.  With their »

Phaeleh‘s (Facebook, Soundcloud) new single of ‘Storm’ featuring Jess Mills has been released. This is the third single off of »

Crywolf is back at it, with the ever changing sound and style, he is getting more experimental with his sounds »