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Ok so I might have missed this guy when he first hit the scene and that’s all on me. The »

So you know we love us some JNTHN STEIN.  Ever since we picked up on him via the weekly Team »

Culprate is and has been one of our favorite artists for awhile now (since 2011!), and his progression and evolution »

You say you would lik another 3Pack from your friends at Waxhole?  Well sounds good to us because we have »

Last week we introduced you all to the Aussie duo Luboku & Hosaia, two guys (production and vocals respectively) who »

Welp, the weekend’s almost over and we’ll be back to work, school, or whatever your week brings.  But before you »

Royal is back with another hit. For the second release off his highly anticipated EP, Cycles, he drops “Round Two” featuring fellow »

I had taken a good look at my iTunes library recently and I’d realized one thing: Sure, I’ve got a »

Left/Right is a name you’re all familiar with if you’re in the Dallas scene. If you’re not but you read »

TastyTreat is a California based production duo who creates an eclectic, potent sound that really resonates. Their latest release is »

So ZHU is off to Australia to take on the country in the form of the Listen Out Festival, which »

Ill-esha, one of my favorites in the music business, has given us a remix to host as an exclusive, and »

The Code threw down another tune today, and it’s so good. Utilizing the male vocals as a more of an »

A few weeks ago there was huge activity with Complexion and Waxhole fam.  Our main man and periodic contributor Amplicity »

Ta-ku meets Chet Faker. This isn’t something entirely new or unexpected. They’re countrymen, they’re each other’s fans, and if you »

A few weeks ago the man Djemba Djemba threw out a beat he made a year or so ago for »