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Who doesn’t love some visuals with there audio? So we’ve round up three good ones that have come out lately. »

Seriously what a great collaboration. I saw these three names together and couldn’t click the play button fast enough. It’s »

Yesterday was a crazy day for music. The releases that came out where some of the best I’ve heard from »

“Rush Hour” is the lead single off of Lido and Canblaster’s forthcoming Pelican Fly released EP titled Superspeed, which is out »

It’s important to find several “home base” spots when adventuring out for SXSW. Just because you have a badge or »

You would think that the week of Thanksgiving (for us Yanks), and it being only Tuesday that there’d be a »

Lido lends his magic touch on yet another track, this time remixing Flight Facilities’ “Two Bodies”. The original song is a satisfying »

This is not your normal new song post. Today we bring you something that doesn’t normally get posted up here »

Earlier this summer, Norwegian producer Lido debuted his premier EP I Love You and to say that it was well received would »

Weekend 27 is here and fall is starting to tease us a little here in Texas. I’ve got a fresh »

Amplicity, the dude who has been a part of Waxhole in various capacities (reader, contributor, featured artist, exclusive tune artist) »

Friday we posted that TACHES – ZHU remix, and a few weeks ago we posted the ODESZA – ZHU remix. »

Lido’s “I Love You” EP (get it HERE) will simply drop your jaw. Even though he is from Norway, Lido »

Complexion is a guy I met via a great radio show out of London (the west side if you’re being »

Lido has been releasing banger after banger, building up steam for his upcoming EP through Pelican Fly. His remix of »

Lido’s highly anticipated remix of Disclosure’s hit tune “Latch” has finally just dropped! It’s been circulating the internet for the »