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Friday Fourplay Volume 31 is here and this one is pumped and ready for spring. We start a new photo »

Before you Sunday comes to a close, you need this five pack of goodies in your playlist. You know I’m »

The third artist on our list of those to highlight from our upcoming Chilled Wax Compilation (dropping Monday, the 16th) »

The clock and calendar in the music industry moves so fast these days. I cannot remember the last time artists, »

KR$CHN, of recent featuring on the blog has done another nice remix and has graciously made it available via Waxhole. »

It’s Friday and I’m busy as shit.  What’s that all about??  Well because I’m busy you get some quick hits »

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3 Pack of Chill for Your Wednesday Morning

Three chill tunes for your Wednesday morning. It’s been a long week already and instead of rage facing all the »

Not sure if you know but the scene in Chicago is about more than hip hop.  Getting some good artists »