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Khai delivers another sultry tune to wash away any of your woes. His smooth vocals and to the point production »

Disclosure: Bronze Whale are managed by Waxhole’s editor, Noctum Back in June we got a major treat when Bronze Whale »

It’s finally here. After two very successful chart-topping singles the full debut EP from Khai is here. “If You” is »

With the success of his debut record “Do You Go Up”, Singer-Producer Khai has just released his sophomore self-produced single »

If you’ve been paying attention you’ve heard of Khai by now. He’s been featured in a couple of Bronze Whale »

If you think you’ve heard of Khai your right. He’s been on some of our favorite tracks by Bronze Whale »

Fourplay Friday has rolled around again. This week has been full of getting down to business so since it’s Friday, »

Disclosure: Bronze Whale are managed by Waxhole’s editor, Noctum Bronze Whale dropped their inaugural EP on Tuesday. We talked about »

We are stoked to present our newest Waxhole Records Release “Ame Solitaire” by Khai & Alexa Lusader. Produced by Whitest Black »

A few days ago, Samuel Proffitt released the first single “Sladky” from the forthcoming EP, ‘Blue Notebook No. 10′. The »

A few weeks ago the man Djemba Djemba threw out a beat he made a year or so ago for »

The production duo Bronze Whale has been a constant feature here on the blog, but they are now putting this »

It’s no secret that Bronze Whale is a big part of Waxhole.  So the fact that we’re all coming together »