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You like 4packs? Sure you do! Whether they are 4 dank cans of craft brew or 4 street tacos for »

K Theory, the duo, now trio, that has been featured on Waxhole for many years now (1st post?), has taken »

We have had some amazing music released this past week.  When the daily grind, gets you and you just have »

Bear Hands a dope indie outfit out of Brooklyn has gotten remixed by We The Wild, and while it keeps »

K Theory has done many remixes, but now they’ve taken on Lana Del Rey. Ambitious, yes? Well if you think »

Alright folks. It’s Wednesday morning and I, for one, need octane, caffeine and whatever else will arise this corpse of »

Soooo K Theory, the great dudes who are some of the busiest guys in the industry have been churnin’ out »

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K Theory Is So Much Trouble

K Theory has evolved quite a bit since we first posted them way back in the day. They’ve gone through »

Wake up everyone, K Theory dropped a banger yesterday on the quiet tip and I’ve been listening to it ever »

Drake is one of those guys that I don’t personally listen to that much. I surely don’t have anything against »

It’s been a long known tact that remixes are a great way to stay relevant while you’re working on bigger »