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It’s great when a new scene starts in your hood. And when your hood isn’t as vibrant as other big »

The world of mid-tempo electronic fusion just got another great album. Subaqueous (Facebook, Soundcloud) just released his latest album Tides »

The random white dude producer himself, aka Diplo (Facebook, Soundcloud), has thrown down a piece of gold for any and »

A few weeks ago, when featuring his dope #WeeklyWax mix, we mentioned that BAILE, the dude from the great trio »

Rumtum does it again with this tune ‘Alona’. Getting ready for an album drop on 1320 Records this video and »

It’s not often that you can be let in on the process and inspiration behind the tunes that a favorite »

LAPLACE, an artist who you will see when you peep his Soundcloud and Facebook is just starting out. You might »

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Blockhead Gives Us That Good Interview

It’s not many times you get to chat with one of your favorite artists on the phone about Twitter, basketball »