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Three random tunes dropped these past couple of days and I just had to pick them up and post them »

Oakland is in the middle of an economic and cultural shift, and with national focus slowly growing on the sunny »

Hip hop is a love of all of us here on the blog and we’ve seen an influx of goodies »

B.Nice, hip hop from the borough of Brooklyn has a fantastic EP that you need to hear.  Equal parts humorous, »

Four tunes (plus a bonus!).  Ok, FIVE tunes you need that have been stuck in my To do pile and »

Even though a straight edged narrator introduces it, this EP (get it HERE)is nothing short of experimental and edgy. Hawk »

Cymbalik (Soundcloud, Facebook), one of the Damn Son crew, dropped an EP this week that is equal parts beats and »

That new Brock Berrigan EP dropped back last month and while I was quick to pick it up, I have »

Man Mantis is one producer who I am a huge fan of. If you’ve read the previous two posts (HERE »

FlamesYall as a history of ambitious projects.  He’s a UK producer who brings together MC’s from across the ocean and »

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted some of that good good hip-hop, and shame on us for that.  There’s a »

FlamesYall, or Stu Mangan, out of the UK is one of those producers who is doin it right.  Not only »

Grieves is one of those dudes that I’ve always dug.  Whether with or without Budo, he’s always brings the noise. »

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Hip Hop

Blockhead Gives Us That Good Interview

It’s not many times you get to chat with one of your favorite artists on the phone about Twitter, basketball »

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Xhjyl & ERG Lighting Up The Highlight Reel

Xhjyl (or better known as X) and ERG have a collab EP out featuring some beatmakers that we know and »

WHO THE HELL IS SPOSE ?!? Just kidding this kid is dope. Spose is a 24-year-old producer and emcee, hailing »