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The Black List Vol. 6 Tuslo – Tao Kompany – Curse G-REX – Bout This Revazz – Typhoon Alley Lemay »

The Black List Vol. 5 G-REX & BOARCROK – DESCENT Mr. Bill & Tekvision – Morko ft. PUpz Ascent – »

Known for their face melting bass tracks, G-REX and ESQ have both joined forces and produced quite a scary monster. »

Waxed Off Wednesdays – Strip #17 Leat’eq & Wanna Wake – Felicity ft. Haley Gorman Gnash – I Hate You, »

Bass maestro G-REX is known for his thumping 808s and grimey synthwork. We were eagerly surprised when he submitted this »

After watching The Revenant, I didn’t think I could experience something as manly and epic as that movie. I was »

black. is a collective of artists choosing to use their talent to promote and support charitable causes through a digital »