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Weekend dump 13 coming at ya with a fresh haul of goodness! Artist: S. F. T Track: SupaDupaFly Follow: Official »

ANDREA continues to be a badass.  He hasn’t gone anywhere, in case you’ve been wondering.  He’s sitting on a mound »

Gotta love these long weekends. Here’s some goodies from the week: Artist: Echo Track: Chosen Follow: Soundcloud, Twitter Some sultry »

May the 4th edition! Here’s some tracks from the week by artists that are definitely using the force: Artist: Sh?m »

Flow-Fi is a collective that has just popped up recently and already, the roster of artists that are in th »

Amplicity is a name you’ve seen around the Waxhole site for a bit now.  He first burst onto the blog »

Let’s talk Soulection, shall we?  I think everyone who reads this blog knows who they are and for great reason.  »

Nanpa Noir, a name you just my have heard of, but, maybe not.  He’s put out some great works in »

If your Facebook Events notifications have been ringing off the hook the past couple of days, well it’s that time »

Your Sunday has been overcast and probably cold if you’re anywhere in the US.  What you need now, besides a »

Just before your Sunday concludes and you think the music is fading into the upcoming week, there are some tunes »

If you don’t know Kwabs, you need to get to know. If you’ve never heard of him, that can be »

Future Beats.  It’s a burgeoning genre and it seems everyone is trying to hop on the train.  Future Beats can »

IAMNOBODI, just dropped an EP off of Soulection and I’ve been waiting patiently til Sexy Sunday to bring it to »

MMOTHS is back at it with a class remix of Kyson’s class tune ‘Missing Things’.  MMOTHS, ever the wonderful producer »

When you team up Evil needle with anyone you’re bound to get greatness. When you pair his production skills up »