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This is the new weekly Friday playlist called “Editor’s Desk”. Despite our no submissions policy there are songs that cross »

We’ve been long term fans of Flume. Since 2011 we have been following his every track with enthusiasm. Illenium is »

Crywolf takes on a Flume cover with fantastic results. Long sustaining washes of reverb and layered vocals make this fit »

What So Not goes hard. Plain and simple the project a la Emoh Instead and Flume, turned just Emoh has »

13 days after the release of the phenomenal track Never Be Like You ft Kai, Flume is back with more »

Flume is one of the most iconic producers of current day. Not only has his tracks influenced a whole generation »

It’s been a minute since I last posted on here. Not for a lack of good music finds (this has »

Wow, that didn’t take long. Flume‘s new track has just flashed the pan and it’s already getting remixed. Leading that »

Pitchfork just dropped the new single and video for Flume and as per usual the blog-o-sphere is all a buzz, »

The duo from the Bay Area known as SKULS has dropped a new remix this morning. Already having a remix »

Your monday just got a little better with none other than a new Flume remix. As the Australian producer has »

Wow, talk about a work week. This Fourplay Friday is all about relaxation which is what I’m in serious need »

It’s been a short wait for this weekend with only a four day work week. That means we get to »

Our Weekly Wax for this week comes from one of our own, Joseph Noctum. You’ve seen him contribute many dope »

Threepacks, threepacks.  The refuge of the busy..or lazy.  In this case, I’m citing busy!  Three tunes from Waxhole favorites Flume, »

Weaver Beats, a dude out of Hawaii (not many of those in the industry these days), drops in un-introduced and »