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So four tunes for you on this chilly Thursday morning.  Some heat, some chill, and some to balance your day.  »

We have had some amazing music released this past week.  When the daily grind, gets you and you just have »

The weekend edition has hit the double digits, and just in time to celebrate the arrival of June! Here’s some »

Three pack of tunes that I’ve been sitting on for a bit, but deserve the light of day.  One from »

Gotta love these long weekends. Here’s some goodies from the week: Artist: Echo Track: Chosen Follow: Soundcloud, Twitter Some sultry »

It’s been quite some time since I’ve hurried to log into Waxhole like this. However my excitement share this song »

Ill-esha, guys.  You know her.  You love her.  And if you don’t well that’s cool, I guess, but you should »

Christine Hoberg first came to my attention when she combined forces with the lads of Truth and their remix of »

Sid Pattni was a big artist for the blog in 2012. We featured his EP, and some singles from after »

FKA Twigs has been leaking tunes almost one a month culminating in this EP 2 (Buy HERE) that you see »

Virgo, featuring the ever-so seductive vocals of Shay Lia, was put out by Stwo about a month ago, and is »

LuQuS is at it again, folks. This time a bootleg of a Sharon Von Etten track where vocals take the »

Ylem out of Perth, was a dubstep producer, and then he was not.  And not your stereotypical American style dubstep, »

Robot Koch to me can do no wrong.  Not only are his productions flawless, but his consistency is spot on. »

Dream Pop, huh?  That’s a thing?  I guess I can see it, but hot damn, I’d hate to call these »

Christine Hoberg is releasing an album soon and the above video and below tune showcase the single from the album. »