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Vegas producer/DJ Ghasper has just unleashed a massive new single via PRMD DSCVR entitled “Silver” and it may be the »

This highly experimental track was past onto me by a friend. It’s pretty great as it strikes an off kilter »

Getting experimental this afternoon. I took the safety rails off the old searches and dove down in the parts of »

The mysterious Mouthe is back and continuing his legacy of unique and boundary pushing music. This glitched out track is »

Cavalier is an interesting young producer who isn’t afraid to experiment. With a promised EP looming this summer this could »

Mouthe is very mysterious. Follow: Soundcloud // Insta »

Buckle up for blast off because we have a team up of WRLD and Father Dude. Recently released on Nest »

Soupandreas is an artist I’ve been keeping my eye on for the past few months. Ever since his Nest HQ »

If there is one thing that will get me every time is a well thought out concept album. Ducked Ape »

Ever versatile, ever mysterious, Owen Bones is quickly establishing himself as a Chicago-based producer whose work stands singular in a »

U.K. based production / DJ duo Mao Ra Sun just released an extremely experimental but dope record that fuses together »

Earlier today, Tokyo Megaplex and Kuh-Lida tag-teamed a new collaborative release titled “Fuzzy Dice” and it’s a wild ride of »

I’ve got an awesome treat for all you Waxhole listeners out there. Grynpyret (possibly pronounced grinnin’ pirate? Your guess is »

 Thriftworks (Facebook, Soundcloud) has been releasing a masterful project over the past month. It started November 3rd with Fade, a »

I am an unabashed fan of Thriftworks.  I will stop short of saying I’m a fanboy, but I’m pretty fuckin »

It is sad news that I received this morning. Zen Death Squad has met its dissolution. Having success in the »