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Jenaux has a new single out titled, “Get It On”, and from the moment you put this in your ears »

Parties can be varied. Some chill events with friends, some uplifting magical nights in celebration, and others filled with raging »

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Three from The M Machine’s B-Sides

If you have been following along with my coverage of The M Machine’s Metropolis: The B-Sides then you will already »

Summer is my favorite time for music and each summer has it’s very own energy and songs that capture the »

Swedish songstress and classical musician Cajsa Siik (Soundcloud) just released a brand new electro pop single called “State of Low”. »

Åine Aura (Website, Facebook) (pronounced: awn + ye aura), a dynamic songstress from Portland Oregon just dropped her second single »

Fourplay Friday Volume 22 is here and we’ve got some hot beats for your cold Friday. There seemed to be »

Friday Fourplay Vol 16! I found some real gems to get you through the workday and ready for the weekend. »

Welcome to Friday. In preparation for takeoff, please ensure all negative attitudes are properly stowed. On behalf of your captain, »

We here at Waxhole are STOKED to announce the upcoming release of the “Double Feature EP”, a remix EP from »

Zebbler and Encanti are most well known for being the creators of some of Sphongle and EOTO’s magical visuals and »

Donkong (Soundcloud, Facebook) is an duo I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while. I’ve even dropped their molly »

Das Kapital and Nick Thayer is an electro fan’s dream, isn’t it? I mean Das Kapital is one of those »

So here are a few songs that aren’t usually my style. House, electro and dubstep. Some great artists here, and »

  Hey there Waxholers, I am the newest addition to the blog and I wanna start out with a banger. »

Avec Sans, (Facebook, Soundcloud) is a cleverly titled Electro Pop duo out of London who has managed to gather a »