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We talk artists a lot here at Waxhole as we should because where there is great talent there should be »

So after posting about the new Hazey Eyes EP on Seeking Blue, I realized I’ve completely slept on the fact »

Echos has a great new track up and it’s a heralding single from their upcoming self-titled EP. “Say It” is »

On Crywolf’s latest album Cataclasm there was a hauntingly beautiful track called, “Epithelial” featuring Echos. Now Echos & Crywolf have »

Something melodic and fun is what this Thursday morning calls for and Kicks N Licks is able to provide. Their »

Somewhere in the realm of indie electronica and post rock the melodic and emotional tunes of Echos is something I’ve »

A perfect mix between haunting and beautiful the Portland based producers, Echos, new single “Silhouettes” is a striking track. It’s »