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It’s exciting working with talented people. As we work with the collective of impressive producers in Austin we also make »

In past years, Candyland made a name for herself by releasing fun and snappy songs with dubstep tendencies and textures. »

Newcomer Wooli is back again with another remix to keep you warm during your nights out. This time the furry »

5 & A Dime is hitting the bass hard with his latest track, “Loud”. Basicly it has all the best »

Coming off the Monstercat Resistance compilation we have a collaboration between Pegboard Nerds and Grabbitz. They mixed sounds from rock, »

Illenium was an artist that always impressed me with his melodic prowess. Sticking to his guns while other producers swayed »

It’s a new year and everyone is putting out their best foot, including MitiS. With all that he has crafted »

“Fortress” featuring Joni Fatora is the second single from Illenium’s 12-track 2016 debut album ‘Ashes.’ Serving as a stylistic lead-up »

It’s not too often that an artist, especially in the electronic scene, can create such a strong sense of togetherness »

Liberating is typically not the most common adjective used to describe the grime rooted genre of trap. However, Monstercat mainstay »

I’ve been gone from the internet almost all weekend so getting prepped to post stuff next week included combing over »

We got a peek at this a few weeks ago when Crywolf let loose with “Neverland” and now the whole »

Tha Trickaz’ (Facebook, Soundcloud) deliberate hip-hop and dubstep crossover philosophy has laid a path only the brave are willing to »

Yesterday Firepower Records (Facebook, Soundcloud) released a collaborative project from Willy Joy (Facebook, Soundcloud) and Proper Villains (Facebook, Soundcloud) entitled »

Tim Guntner’s newest remix of Elephante – Shake The Earth ft. Lyon Hart combines Dubstep and Trap elements (I hear »

So Matta has been busy guys.  They’ve been one of those artists that we’ve dug since the emergence of dubstep »