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We talk artists a lot here at Waxhole as we should because where there is great talent there should be »

Rummaging around soundcloud and I stumbled across these two gents from Bristol. Really interesting sound. Lots of new and old »

Some days the stars align just rightly so and all your dreams are answered. Mörkö is just such moment for »

A perfect tune has arrived to accompany your cup of coffee & morning sun today. France’s Nude takes Alix Perez »

Tha Trickaz’ (Facebook, Soundcloud) deliberate hip-hop and dubstep crossover philosophy has laid a path only the brave are willing to »

As some of you may have known, we put on a wee little remix competition for our main man Left/Right »

I stumbled upon a new artist recently, and I am very happy that I did. An artist by the name »

This eclectic compilation will take you from the most euphoric highs to the grimiest lows. This T-Rex of a compilation »

What are you doing this afternoon/evening/morning? Are you seriously going to sit behind your desk looking at inane clickbait articles »

The TrailerTV crew are at it again, and this time they’re bringing some great artists who are legends.  Stereo MC’s, »

If you were to peruse the site for evidence that we love us some drum and bass, you’d think we »

Substrate (soundcloud, facebook), hailing from North Wales, is one of those wonderful stumble-upon findings that only can come from digging »