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A day late and a song strong the Weekend Dump has arrived! Last week brought us another fine batch of »

It’s been a pretty wild week down here in Texas with record breaking rain and flooding statewide, but fear not; »

The weekend is upon us! The holiday season is in full swing, and with it comes a flurry of fresh »

Weekend dump turkey day edition has arrived, check out this bath of goodness while you nom on those lovely Thanksgiving »

Halloween weekend has arrived, and with It comes a bag filled with scary good tunes! Check out what I’ve stirred »

This eclectic compilation will take you from the most euphoric highs to the grimiest lows. This T-Rex of a compilation »

Weekend 26 is here! This week was full of fun finds – some familiar faces playing around with new sounds, »

Weekend 16 is here and so is summer! Here’s some seasonally appropriate heaters for you on this fine Sunday: Artist: »