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Happy Friday! What where you expecting a Fourplay Friday? Well I’m still catching up from Labor day weekend. So we’ll »

Parties can be varied. Some chill events with friends, some uplifting magical nights in celebration, and others filled with raging »

Everyone has their guilty listening pleasure, I personally have more than one, however this glitzy, indie disco tune from Satchmode »

Here we are in volume 38 for the Fourplay Friday. While here in America we have the all too familiar »

It’s exciting to see when music business moguls decide to flex their creative chops. Today we have Sean Glass (Facebook, »

We are back with volume 24 of Fourplay Friday. This is one of those days where everything is delayed. Even »

If you’re like us the Robin Thicke song “Blurred Lines” featuring Pharrell and T.I. caught you more by the video »

Some crazy throwback sounding goodness coming from Kastle’s corner. Red Light ft. Ayah Marar delivers a hard hitting beat and »