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This is the new weekly Friday playlist called “Editor’s Desk”. Despite our no submissions policy there are songs that cross »

Who doesn’t love some visuals with there audio? So we’ve round up three good ones that have come out lately. »

Still missing Halloween and I realized that I was remiss to post the latest video by my favorite producer / »

This has been a fun weekend of being out way too late with friends and entirely to much imbibing. My »

The fun loving goof ball producer Dillon Francis has dropped his latest EP today appropiratly titled, This Mixtape Is Fire. »

The fourth of July, a highly patriotic time for many, but wether or not you are extremely patriotic we all »

Dillon Francis (Facebook, Twitter) has come out swinging with his latest remix. This time he transformed Zomboy’s (Facebook, Twitter) “Nuclear” »

If you’ve been hiding under a rock perhaps you haven’t heard of Dillon Francis, (Facebook, Soundcloud) or maybe you’ve heard »

I have had my inbox flooded with videos this week and have decided to share some with the blog. After »