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This is the new weekly Friday playlist called “Editor’s Desk”. Despite our no submissions policy there are songs that cross »

I have watched Crywolf since the beginning of this project. It has been so rewarding to watch an artist do »

Crywolf has been busy since his last album release. Amazing new live tour, visuals, a couple of new cover tunes, »

I have known Justin (Crywolf) for a lot of years now. He is an incredibly kind, giving, and driven individual. »

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Music Videos From Crywolf, Elias, And Yellow Claw

You ready for some music videos? We have some creative ones here. First up is Crywolf in his self directed »

On Crywolf’s latest album Cataclasm there was a hauntingly beautiful track called, “Epithelial” featuring Echos. Now Echos & Crywolf have »

Disclosure: Bronze Whale are managed by Waxhole’s editor, Noctum If you thought the summer highs were too hot, you clearly »

If you follow our Instagram you’ll see that I teased two Crywolf remixes this week, and this is the first »

Crywolf takes on a Flume cover with fantastic results. Long sustaining washes of reverb and layered vocals make this fit »

Crywolf is one talent guy, from making powerful dubstep to emotional electronic it’s hard to forget when you strip all »

One of my favorite tracks off of Crywolf’s latest gold mine of an album is “Wake”. Now we have Varien »

Set in three acts, Cataclasm is clearly a cohesive unit. It opens with a deceptively calm intro – the sounds »

This time of year, that fleeting period at the golden end of the warm season, is considered to be when »

The journey we’ve embarked on with Crywolf soars boldly forward with the recent release of “Akureyri,” the third single off »

Crywolf’s new material is coming in rapid succession. His new album Cataclasm produced with the aid of his dedicated fanbase »

Crywolf has always been a unique songwriter and producer. Finding creativity in a vast field of copy and paste I »