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Our main man Tommy Jacob has released an EP off of MOOSE Records, the dope label run by Julia Losfelt »

It’s another Rumtum Release Day, folks.  It’s one of those days that gets me so pumped for music that I »

A few weeks ago there was huge activity with Complexion and Waxhole fam.  Our main man and periodic contributor Amplicity »

Weaver Beats, a dude out of Hawaii (not many of those in the industry these days), drops in un-introduced and »

ANDREA continues to be a badass.  He hasn’t gone anywhere, in case you’ve been wondering.  He’s sitting on a mound »

Rumtum does it again with this tune ‘Alona’. Getting ready for an album drop on 1320 Records this video and »

Straight from Montreal, Canada, multi-instrumentalist David Pimentel has been impressing with each and every track hes produced. His sound is »

It’s not often that you can be let in on the process and inspiration behind the tunes that a favorite »

Ok this artist has slipped by me, and by not only looking at the amount of Plays that have been »

The man Jimmy Pe is at is again, and this time for an entire 14 track LP! When you look »

Loving the fact that the homies are steady droppin’ the jams. Bedrockk, Resonata & Tanko, and Eagles For Hands, has »

Earlier this week we dropped a tune from the homey Amplicity (HERE) and since then, as promised, he’s dropped his »

Ohh Sunday.  You know, the day that signals the end of your weekend or the beginning of your epic Spring »

It’s Saturday, not Sunday, I understand that. And I realize that after listening to these sexy tunes you might wonder »

Nanpa Noir, a name you just my have heard of, but, maybe not.  He’s put out some great works in »

Your Sunday has been overcast and probably cold if you’re anywhere in the US.  What you need now, besides a »