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We’ve featured quite a few kid lizard tracks on Waxhole since we unearthed this talented producer. As each release rolls »

Can Cashmere Cat’s tracks be flipped in a way that would make them best fit most of our memorable childhood »

It’s Friday and the the tides have brought us back to another Fourplay Friday. This week has had me reflecting »

Volume 14 of Fourplay Friday is here and I am happy to see it. Today’s tracks are all ones that »

Easy Girl is a name you will definitely know if you’ve followed the blog for any length of time.  But »

Amplicity, the dude who has been a part of Waxhole in various capacities (reader, contributor, featured artist, exclusive tune artist) »

Infuse really knocked this Cashmere Cat tune out on this one. Keep an eye on this dude and this style. »

Complexion is a guy I met via a great radio show out of London (the west side if you’re being »

Cashmere Cat’s EP dropped last week and everyone went apeshit. When they listened to it they went apeshit again. Because »

Ok so most of our readers have known about this track for awhile now (remember this remix from Sunday?), and »

Last time we checked with Phazz, he was sitting back and admiring remixes from his outstanding EP from last year.  »

What’s harder than creating a song that lives up to the caliber of a Cashmere Cat production? Remixing one…but thank »

Cashmere Cat is back with another unique tune. With the help of flowing and beautiful vocals by Aryn Wuthrich and »