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You know I love me some dancehall, like seriously this is what I want to be dancing to at all »

Candyland and Shoffy are making their debut on Monstercat with a hit called “Faces”. This fantastic track will take you »

We’ve got two new peeks at the new Pantyraid album now. “Six AM” featuring the vocals of Bobby Saint, and »

Herobust just put out a magnificent EP via Mad Decent.This 8­track EP is a bass music crunkfest. With some of »

Music is the gift that keeps on giving. You could fall in love with a song when you’re 5 years »

Disclosure: Bronze Whale are managed by Waxhole’s editor, Noctum Those Bronzies are up to it again. Yesterday premiered a »

Chiefs (Soundcloud, Facebook) has just recently hit my radar, with the incredibly sex-tinged tune ‘Give It To You’ that dropped »