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We’ve hyped the Brazilian scene for awhile now, mostly centering around two dudes from Beatwise Recordings, sants, and CESRV.  But »

Cymbalik (Soundcloud, Facebook), one of the Damn Son crew, dropped an EP this week that is equal parts beats and »

That new Brock Berrigan EP dropped back last month and while I was quick to pick it up, I have »

Rumtum does it again with this tune ‘Alona’. Getting ready for an album drop on 1320 Records this video and »

FlamesYall is one of those dudes that pops up every now and then with the dopeness, even though you may »

It’s not often that you can be let in on the process and inspiration behind the tunes that a favorite »

Ruff Draft is a dude who makes some really great tunes, and he just dropped a few in the past »

Earlier this week we dropped a tune from the homey Amplicity (HERE) and since then, as promised, he’s dropped his »

It’s Saturday, not Sunday, I understand that. And I realize that after listening to these sexy tunes you might wonder »

Let’s talk Soulection, shall we?  I think everyone who reads this blog knows who they are and for great reason.  »

Great Dane of the wonderful Team Supreme movement threw down his Beta Cat album on Tuesday (HERE) and it is »

In the blog game sometimes you wait for just the right time to introduce an artist.  Y’know, getting the tickertape »

Ruff Draft is a name I hooked into by following the Team Supreme stuff (I think?) and I’m so glad »

Kouben rounds out the Introducing series with a Bang. A truly inspired and chilled out Bang, but one all the »

Dfalt is the man.  He’s a beatsmith who doesn’t subscribe to the one sample, one drum loop, one beat idea.  »

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J.Faraday And His Seventh Wonder

Many times ‘finding’ an artist is like uncovering a $100 bill in a jacket you haven’t worn for years.  And »