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Songs from Scratch is an original series from Yours Truly and adidas originals that documents and delivers new songs, from »

Buckle up for blast off because we have a team up of WRLD and Father Dude. Recently released on Nest »

It’s great when a new scene starts in your hood. And when your hood isn’t as vibrant as other big »

The man Urple Eeple, a producer who has been part of the Waxhole experience since the days, has graced »

Slumberjack and Die High Records aren’t fucking around here with this tune.  The label out of Australia has gotten play »

Amplicity is a name you’ve seen around the Waxhole site for a bit now.  He first burst onto the blog »

The dude PATH came out of nowhere.  Like a shot out of a cannon, he dropped a tune appropriately entitled »

When Rumtum surfaces with a new tune we’re all a tizzy.  Why, you might ask?  Well take a look at »