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Ok so we know RAC but who is Coolwater Set? Coolwater Set is a collaboration between platinum electro-hip hop pioneers »

I told you we are swimming in remixes of Autolaser and PLS&TY’s song “Hiding From The Rain”. This time the »

All the Autolaser & PLS&TY remixes are flying everywhere. Lots and lots are out there and they are pretty much »

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New Song From Autolaser Has Us At Its Will

Autolaser is back with a new super chill jam featuring Larcy that I can’t not write about. With gently empowering »

So obviously you are familiar with Blu J, Autolaser, and PLS&TY, and this is certinly not this first time I’ve »

I’ve been a big fan of Autolaser for a minute. His tracks are always super full, melodic, and just all »

Noregian producer Autolaser has teamed up with the new upcoming future bass star PLS&TY. For this remix they have chosen »

Happy New Year!!! I trust that since it is now January 2nd, the massive hangover from your New Years Eve »