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Tastemaker Music is a term I like to use when describing music that helps producers and listeners get exposed to »

Happy Halloween! and it’s, Fourplay Friday Vol 13. Oooooh, how scary! I’ve already given you abit of the back story »

AMB is someone you’ve heard about many times before on this blog, and even this week!  He’s one of those »

AMB is one of those guys that I have been following for a fair bit (my 2nd post on Waxhole!). »

After years of trying different styles and genres, THYME (Soundcloud, Facebook) has made his way into the depths of the »

Eastghost (Soundcloud, Facebook) released an EP a bit ago and if you don’t remember, or it has been awhile, go »

It’s another Rumtum Release Day, folks.  It’s one of those days that gets me so pumped for music that I »

If you squint your eyes on the global map, all the way, smack dab in the middle of the Indian »

Resonata, the producer who was first brought to our attention by the dope Tanko has released his first EP, entitled »

Last month I wrote a good bit on Man Mantis (HERE), and he’s given us his second installment of Majestic »

When the homey SHAM AN (formerly known as xxStunnedTomcat) came at me with his new remix I was stoked.  I »

Gloom off of Tipping Hand Records has given us a nice debut EP (HERE) that is as luscious as it »

FLXXDS (Floods) was born during a sleepover/pillow fight. (says the rumor mill) I am glad it happened! Follow them on »

Festival Season for some is all but concluded. With another successful Burning Man, and Outlook Festival, another festival season has »

The name Phantom Shilla (Facebook, Soundcloud) should be familiar to you by now. We’ve posted dozens of his tracks including »

Well hello there new EP from AMB. The glitch dude known as AMB, is at it once again, this time »