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Completely contrary to what I posted earlier this new Ark Patrol track will set you into a completely chill mode. »

It’s not as if there was any question, I dig the heck out of Ark Patrol. His latest remix of »

Heroic just dropped 8 amazing remixes of Ark Patrol’s “Primo” album spanning the width of genres and and artists. There »

It’s time once again to celebrate the countdown to our weekend that we call Friday. Today’s Fourplay Friday will have »

I usually make it a point not to use the word “epic” but that is the way I truly feel »

Ark Patrol (Soundcloud, Twitter), an artist that has been on my radar for awhile (but oddly enough not posted much »

It’s not too often you hear about producers from Hawaii, but Brandon, aka Ark Patrol, is definitely one of my »