At this time we are not taking new submissions. 

First of all, we LOVE discovering new music. It is why this blog exists and what we all came here to do.

After a lot of talking with our original core team here at Waxhole, we decided that this blog has always thrived on the concept of less is more. As such, we have returned to our core set of writers and are working to continue delivering you the best new content/artists that we truly believe are leading the charge in electronic music.

Due to us running on such a small team, we will not have the manpower (for now) to screen submissions.

With that being said, we are of course always searching for new talent. If you are a fan of the blog, show us support on our socials, and if we post your content, we will always like/follow/share your tunes on ours.

Thanks you all for growing with us, supporting us, and listening with us!


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