Jakwob is making some pretty good ripples in the dubstep pond lately. His style helps to confirm to any producer »

This is a track that I have been seriously considering throwing a remix at. It begins with such a serious »

 Wowzers cold Blank – Thirteen Skulls Like this post? Let us know what you think in the comments below! »

I truly loved this vocal track when House music was at the apex of my musical interest. So as soon »

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Foreign Correspondents Series, Part 1 – xxStunned Tomcat (France) CONTINUED (english translation)

I developed this list in a simple way, it is the names of the top 10 producers (/ teachers!) who »

(SPANISH TRANSLATION HERE) I would like to provide an overview of some of the producers who have influenced me in »

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Foreign Correspondents Part 3 – Joris Vaes (Belgium) ENGLISH Translation

Foreign Correspondents brings us Joris Vaes, the man behind Tangram Records (Official Site, Facebook) based out of Belgium.  Being the »

This guy definitely has some chops. Keep him on your radar. Kill Them With Colour – Bad (Michael Jackson Remix) »