SCARFE and VI NE make us Stay The Night

artworks-000223344799-yr3pvg-t500x500If you’re searching for easy listening, look no further! SCARFE is a new artist I’ve stumbled on that has really peaked my interest. While doing some digging, I’ve managed to find more of his good music with a remix of ALT-J and a collaboration with ANH. SCARFE‘s latest is a chilled out tune titled “Stay The Night” with vocalist VI NE that will really set the mode for that Sunday chill sesh.

With a seemingly eclectic hip hop style, SCARFE manipulates the airwaves with interesting sample work and melodic elements to get you dancing and singing along. He introduces the main point of the track delicately before transitioning you into a wavy rhythmic world of synths.

Definitely one for the books.

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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