Waxhole Presents: Nevels and Morqix

Ruben-Young-'Take-Her-Down'-(Nevels-x-Morqix-Remix)-Album-Art It’s exciting working with talented people. As we work with the collective of impressive producers in Austin we also make friends and family out of a the greater international scene. It was through working with the great Austin talent Morqix that I was introduced to Nevels and the great remix that they worked on together. It’s is now with great pride that I get to intoduce you to both Nevels, Morqix and their remix of Ruben Young’s “Take Her Down”.

Born in Germany and raised in Northern Virginia, Morqix is an indie electronic producer currently residing in Austin, TX. Starting in early 2016, Morqix is already making major headway in the electronic music scene, with his first few releases landing him upwards of 300k listeners and featured on blogs and channels like Suicide Sheep, Beautiful Buzzz, Run the Trap, High Clouds and Acid Stag, to name a few.

Nevels [ˈnɛv əlz] (produced as Daan Nevels). Starting out as a pianist, this Dutch master now melodically produces and connects the unconnectable. Collecting pieces of the variety of EDM genres to form the perfect puzzle. He does not mind the gap. After years of fine-tuning his skill set, Nevels stepped into the light with his remix of Ciara’s “Dance Like We’re Making Love”. While learning and experimenting with his new skills, he found other genres that sparked his attention.

Nevels & Morqix’s remix of Ruben Young’s “Take Her Down” is one hell of a ride, featuring happy, upbeat future style vibes with thick pumping synths. The combination of their vision and qualities makes this track not just stand out, but complety draw in. Nevels, heavily inspired by Hans Zimmer, was the driving force behind the orchestral scores, which break the track away from conventional all-synth based EDM. Get hooked to the chorus by Morqix’s distinctively catchy rhythmic vocal chops of Ruben Young’s rock solid vocals. 

This has been an inspiring experience for the two, which is evident as you take it in. If anything, being on opposite sides of the world raised this track to its full potential, as it was steadily being polished wherever the sun was up.

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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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