tribes. updates Nine Inch Nails in style

artworks-000217497245-mvp5bk-t500x500Nine Inch Nails was a teenage staple for me and quite frankly for a lot of other teenagers as well. Their post-modern grunge sound was very influential for their time and I am glad to see that others have drawn inspiration from them. Veronica Ramirez, aka tribes is a well respected vocalist thats already made a name for herself with multiple top tier collaborations such as Luca Lush, Pham, Tastytreat and Vaski to name a few. Her soft spot for Nine Inch Nails shines through with her most recent cover of Hand That Feeds.

Staying true to her dark moody style, tribes. takes it down a notch and turns this track into a soulful melancholy track with vibes to rival Flume. If I did not realize this was a Nine Inch Nails cover, I’d have truly thought this was how the track should have sounded. She nails the vocals and the mood.

All I can say is “Perfect”.

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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