Lil Texas Shimmers with ‘4 Ever’ EP

Lil Texas coverIf you’re not familiar with Lil Texas, consider this your formal introduction to the fervent Dallas-bred dance producer who’s fusing old school jukes with some of the cleanest pop riffs you’ve ever heard. As someone who is not a stranger to the spotlight, Lil Texas has proven he’s a safe bet when it comes to producing pop diamonds which collide masterfully with old school breaks and rhythms.

Lil Texas’ most recent effort “4 Ever” via Japanese label Trekkie Trax documents his ability to seamlessly weave different genres together resulting in oh-so-smooth nostalgic jams. The two lead singles from the release are the juke-happy-Thump-premiere ‘I’m Yours‘ and the Nest HQ-premiered club-evangelizing ‘4 Ever‘. The entire EP spans 4 songs, including the melancholy-crazed track ‘My Mind’ and gangster house-meets-juke track ‘Woodgrain Fantasy’.

In an emailed statement for, Lil Texas spoke of his EP saying, “My music for this EP is intended to take the listener through a journey of emotions, particularly love… With love comes joy, excitement, vulnerability, and fear; all feelings that make the journey worthwhile”. ‘4 Ever’ is available for free download on SoundCloud in exchange for a follow, and is streaming on Spotify.

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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