From The Editor’s Desk

editorsdesk2 It’s a new year, and it’s time for something new. After the changes we’ve seen in the last year and taking the month of December off I feel like it’s time for the Waxhole to explore new formats and new territory. For the past five years we’ve brought you some of the best in new electronic music and we will continue that. We will continue to chase down new artists and new sounds, but we will be experimenting with how we do that. As our first staff meeting of the year comes up this weekend there will be lots of discussion for the future but one thing looks clear. We will be bringing more curation to Waxhole, in the form of playlists and other platforms. To kick us off I have started a new weekly Friday playlist called “Editor’s Desk”. Despite our no submissions policy there are songs that cross my desk due to interaction with other music industry and media professionals. Here I will gather my favorites and give them to you in one playlist for the week. Make sure to follow our socials to keep up with the tunes coming your way.

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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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