Move To The New Golden Coast

Golden Coast conjures up its California namesake with danceable drums, sunny synths, verby guitars and just enough rasp in the falsetto to offset the levity. The duo made the trek from the mountains of Colorado and the San Jacinto desert to Los Angeles nearly a decade ago, met in college while producing and writing for various artists before finally deciding to team up and release a project of their own. Golden Coast combines the best of both their skill-sets: a mixture of electronic and organic instruments, tight production, and sanguine themes set to no shortage of instantly hooky melodies.

These boys have given us quite a gem of an indie party playlist in their debut EP. Moving effortlessly between moveable mid-tempo anthems (Recess, Comeback Kid, Spark) and fun up-tempos (Make Ya Move, Young At Heart), members Denny White and Steven Mudd have given us an indie pop record with the perfect amount of sunny variety to warrant a second and third spin in the same sitting. Fair warning though – you’re gonna want a drink in one hand & some dancing shoes.

“Make Ya Move was our attempt to kind of throw off some of the traditional song-y rules and do something just purely fun. Kind of tried to channel our inner Macklemore or Bruno and talk a little over-confident swagger. Think it’s our favorite dance tune to date.” – Golden Coast

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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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