The New Track By Element & Tempest Will Put A Spell On You

Seriously don’t sleep on Element. This artist is in my top five discoveries of this year. Again I could tell you what I think about this track but I can sum it up to, “it’s dope!”. Instead I’ll let the music can Element himself do the talking.

“You know those times in life where you don’t know what the fuck is happening? Like you’ve lost control but still have control? Like you are somehow lost but you know you will find your way? Then we hear those distant voices in our head giving us a sense of direction. Spells represents the dissonance we feel during our lifetime. The numbing, confusing, yet sense of being and belonging. The events that we can’t fully comprehend, but still harmoniously accept. Spells is not about understanding the entire journey, but being able to accept the things we can’t understand and do what it takes to push the journey forward. It is about accepting the abyss, and finding bliss within it.” – Element

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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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