Our Friends Love Thy Brother Remind Us To Love The USA

I have so much to do tonight. I have so much to post. Yet here I am not able to keep my eyes off of NPR’s election results as they roll in. In a state of panic and anxiety the only thing I can think to do is share a little love from our Canadian brothers, Love Thy Brother.

“Big honor for us to have been asked to remix “I Love The USA” from Grammy Award winning rock legends Weezer. And, what a time to share it with you all. Ahead of what could well be one of the defining moments of our lifetime and that of our American friends. We Canadians love you guys down there, please make the right decision tomorrow. Get out and vote!

This rework takes an old school touch to the original, bringing together an ensemble of lush synths, some bone-shaking toms and a handful of ethereal arp sounds. It’s coated with a fierce guitar lead and the emotive vocals of one River Cuomo.” – Love Thy Brother

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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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