Nebbra debuts his long awaited EP “You”

artworks-000192031872-pbnyr6-t500x500Nebbra is a name you’ll want to remember as the producer continues making waves from all the way across the big pond. Hailing from Paris, the producer has caught the eye of Zeds Dead and scored an EP release on their label Deadbeats. Titled “You“, the four track EP serves to demonstrate Nebbra‘s production prowess and highlight the creative progress of his sound.

The four tracks are extremely versatile yet contain an overarching theme that screams Nebbra. From gritty bass synth work to sultry leads and groovy hip hop drums, the EP would please almost any listener who embraces the electronic hip hop genre. “You” is a sensual groovy track that reminds me of a modern Ne-Yo while we have “Gladiator” that explores a more experimental and heavier hip hop beat.

All in all, I’d give this EP a 10/10.

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Posted By: Nelson Mak

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