Wish I Was Will Make You A Beliver

i-want-to-believe-cover-art Wish I Was which is tyDi’s side project has released an extremely emotional, and moving piece of work. This new single “I Want to Believe” tells a story of confusion, and struggle with one’s humanity.

“Wish I Was is a project that shares a darker story of a musician’s mind. When I first started this project it was simply a place for me to vent, I’d write songs in the middle of the night and recklessly upload them on Soundcloud. What began as a place to escape quickly escalated with a song called ‘Cutting Ties’ who I wrote with Cameron Walker after way too many drinks. Suddenly it began to go viral online in the underground world and eventually making it’s way to radio, being one of the most played song on Sirius XM’s chill’. This time a new story told over slightly more positive vibe. Again out of both blind luck and angst, the song was written and produced in a night ­ I Want To Believe is a piece of work that I’m truly proud of. “ ­Tyson (tyDi) aka Wish I Was

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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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