Stööki Sound Gets Grimy With Their G’s

334 Ok I love some Grime. I don’t get enough of it in my life to claim that I have any kind of handle on the genre but when I hear grime I flip for it. Bouncy, dirty, and captivating is how I would describe the new track “My G’s” by Stööki Sound. Jelacee himself dropped the gritty lyrics that are aimed at those who try to freeload and ride the coattails of artists with recent success in their careers.

“We realised that we have more talent than we have shown in the past, which has come to a head with time and growth. When we created ‘My G’s’ we just wanted to make an anthem for our shows, but realized we were onto something that could potentially be a lot bigger. Staying true to our sound as well as our London roots, we combined our bouncy Trap style with the grittiness of Grime lyricists, and our fans have been loving it at our shows all over the globe for some time now, which has been a pleasant surprise.”
– Stööki Sound

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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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