Heroes X Villains Numb With “Novocaine”


Atlanta Trap producer Heroes x Villains (HXV), has released his latest single, “Novocaine.” At its core, Novocaine is a real and honest representation about the drug and alcohol addiction HXV continuously faces in his life. The song, written and performed from the perspective of the disease, by longtime friend and collaborator Naz Tokio is an intimate portrayal of the insidious and isolating nature of addiction. Her soothing vocals coaxing the listener into relapse and the perceived safety of a high. The song doesn’t necessarily represent a new direction for one of the pioneers of trap music, but rather a new progression in his expression through the use of monstrous 808’s and a moving melody, diving deeper into the layers of his personality and barring them for all to witness.

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Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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